The THINK Shop approach takes a process of architectural design as one that embraces its fabric providing a positive impact upon our communities while instilling a distinct experience all to itself.  It doesn’t matter if we are doing a prototype for a fast food start-up or a small renovation, we are driven to give our clients the best experience.

Through The THINK Shop studio and fabrication shop, we are able to discover identifiable constructs to compliment our client’s capabilities. It is this discovery process that allows us to define a connection between the detailed, attentive, open-minded execution of the design and a thorough, aggressive, and collaborative exploration.  And above all, The THINK Shop feels that the dedication to our clientele and their needs is our strongest attribute.

Within The THINK Shop, we aggressively attack each collaborative with a caring, sympathetic, and open-minded approach utilizing the latest technological advances.  We examine each project from all angles and are not afraid of the normative that permeates our culture.  We work in a virtual and physical world to provide our clients with the most balanced opportunities.

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